Beyond The Myths
AB BC Building, Bali. Indonesia
(October 9 - November 9, 2018)
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Beyond the Myths
Text by Rifky Effendy dan Ignatia Nilu

Driven by the awareness that Bali is a mosaic of cultural and historical signs, for the first time the ART Bali 2018 exhibition is held with the theme Beyond the Myths.
On this occasion, it is included as a part of the agenda of the 2018 IMF meetings in Bali, Indonesia. Involving at least 35 invited artists, working with various medium and visual languages, we attempt to present the sphere of contemporary arts in Bali, anchored to an understanding of the history of culture and nation.

Bali Island, where this exhibition takes place, is an important treasure of the country with rich cultural signs as an instrument on the global art insight. In the history of visual art, acculturation of culture and visual art practices had emerged since the 20th Century with the presence of Rudolf Bonnet and Walter Spies, along with local artists such as Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, and other artists.

The theme of the first Art Bali;
Beyond the Myths, seeks to illustrate the recent development of contemporary visual art, both in Bali, Indonesia, and the international world. These works represent how changes in the contemporary visual art practices are related to socio­political and economic shifts and changes, both in Indonesia and globally.

Giving new meanings from a new worldview. which goes beyond the signs and symbols that turned into myths. whether it is constructed or arbitrary Through the Periscope of mythology. we could expand the critical thinking, kindness, and give birth to modern human values. Based on a thinking offered by the French post-structuralist, Roland Barthes (Myth Today: 1957), a myth is a communication system, a narrative, and a discourse (speech). Thereto, myth is built through a meta­language functioned to naturalize values reformed in the social space.

Myths today are not merely in the fairy tales and folk tales; they are within popular forms such as magazine covers, advertisement posters. films, and music. Myths are like ghosts that stalk the history of modern men.
In the contemporary art exhibition Art Bali 2018: Beyond the Myths, artworks of 35 artists are presented with various artistic explorations in the global spirit that simultaneously contemplates the aspects of day­-to-day local values. This exhibition is expected to brand Bali Island as a region of contemporary art development in Indonesia and the world.

Through the theme Beyond the Myths, we attempt to consider and dismantle symbols and values in the context of Art Bali 2018 event as the frame of mind. What will we find behind this process of dismantling the signs of time and symbols? Would we be able to surpass historical mythology to discover a unique horizon?